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Friday, April 10, 2009

Hello all,

Since it's GOOD Friday, I'd thought it'll be nice for this blog to be updated... So I shall share with you guys a story.

"Once, there was this church. And a visitor, well, visited it.

He got there early, parked his car, and got out. Then, a car stopped in front of him, and the driver wound down the window and said, "Hey! That's where I usually park! You took my place!" and drove off to find another parking lot.

The visitor then went inside the church. It happened that there was a prayer meeting before service, so he sat down and joined in. A lady approached him and said,"Hey! That's my seat! You took my place!" Naturally, the visitor was perturbed by such treatment in a church, and went to another seat.

After the prayer meeting, service started. The visitor then took a seat. Yet again, another person came up to him and said, "Hey! I sit here every week! You took my place!" Obviously, the visitor was further troubled by this welcome he got. He stood up and went to the back of the sanctuary.

Later during the sermon, the speaker prayed, and said, "Oh Lord, please forgive us and our sins, and let your Son be amongst us."

The visitor stood up, and his appearance began to change. His wrists were visibly scarred, and his hair grew longer, and longer.

A member of the congregation spotted him and called out "Jesus Christ, what happened to you?!"

The visitor looked at him solemnly, by then his clothes changed into a humble robe, sandals replaces his shoes and a crown of thorns appeared on his head, he said

"I took your place"

Hope you guys liked and learned from that story.

Since I've got nothing much else to say, I shall dispense interesting facts about Holy Week.

- The 7 days leading up to Easter is easily confused as 'Easter Week', which actually refers to the week following Easter Sunday.

-Passover (the festival to commemorate the sparing of Jewish first-borns in Egypt) is related to Easter, because Jesus was really arrested during Passover. The date of Easter is actually calculated in accordance to the date of Passover.

-The 40 days leading up to Easter is termed "Lent", which is from the German word "Lenz", meaning Spring, as in Winter, Autumn, Summer and Spring.

-Ironically, the word "lent" in French means slow, although people are supposed to repent and fast during Lent.


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